When you hear the name Sinita, what comes to mind for most is SA WHO? Followed by Oh, that’s pretty or my favorite, “Where did your mother get that name?” It doesn’t matter which way you hear it as long as you never forget it. Let's practice, SA-KNEE-TA.

As the creator of the SIS W.I.N. Brand and the SIS W.I.N. Collective FB Community, Sinita helps courageous female entrepreneurs unravel their mess to reveal their true authentic message in order to live the life that plays inside of their mind. Understanding that YOU are the only one blocking your blessings, Sinita challenges you to push the PLAY button.

Through her no sugar-coated coaching style, online courses and programs she would be remised to say, “Becoming the life you desire to live is not for the faint at heart. It takes guts, willingness to do the hard work, self-love and understanding and a huge dose of consistency and commitment.” Her direct, straight to the point, poker face solutions to life’s challenges is what she delivers, but "It's ALL Love".

As a multi-passionate womanpreneur, a certified Master Life Coach, with a degree in Communications Arts Broadcasting, a sought-after Keynote Speaker, on air media talent and a former co-owner of a six-figure grass-root property management consulting firm, Sinita strives to break the glass ceiling.

Sinita's debut book, I Am A Woman First, The Essentials to Nurturing Inspiring and Loving You First speaks to the importance of women understanding the power in taking care of themselves FIRST in order to take care and give to others. 

She offers her experiences, knowledge and expertise on professional and personal growth to diverse groups of women (some men) and young ladies on many stages across the country.

Her Motto is Simple: "I Dare You”. The question becomes, "How will YOU dare to DREAM?"

You are always welcome to schedule some time to chat with her about your next level desires and see if there is synergy there to work together.

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