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What This Course Will Cover:

  • The Truth About Your Time

  • Goals vs Plans

  • The (Annual) Set Up Goals

  • 90-Day Vision (Quarterly) Goals

  • Dirty 30 (Monthly) Goals

  • Magnificent 7 (Weekly) Goals

  • Deep Dive 60 (Daily) Focused Goals

Plus, Action Taking Worksheets and BONUS Money Facts Worksheet

The Goal is Written in Stone is a full comprehensive pre-planning guide for the year that is ahead to write and plan tangible goals for your life's success.

The Truth About Your Time

The first part of the planning begins with you having a true understanding of your time. How much time do you really have in the course of 24 hours to work on your dreams? Let’s break that down so you can be clear on how to better manage your time to be successful as you are growing a profitable business.


Goals vs Plans

Let's define the difference between a goal and a plan.

The (Annual) Set Up Goals

Determine what you want to see happen in your success over the next 12 months?


90-Day Vision (Quarterly) Goals

Breakdown your annual goals into micro-goals. Ninety days is a great number because it’s not too long, but its long enough to make plans and see them manifest.


Dirty 30 (Monthly) Goals

Take your 90 Day goals and define them further into smaller 30 day goals.


Magnificent 7 (Weekly) Goals 

This is the time that you can start really checking off daily task that moves you closer to your annual goal.


Deep Dive 60 (Daily) Focused Goals

These are time intentional goals meant to specifically to get done in a short amount of time focused on the primary annual goals.

What You Will Find Inside The Course:

  • Your Printable Digital Download with each goal process description and ALL the Worksheets, Calendars, and Bonus Money Facts Sheet.

  • 2 Detailed Walk Through Training Videos.

  • Plus the opportunity to participate in Community Accountability Group and Calls.

READY to Get Started?


Cost of the Online Course?

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