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Are You Using Video Content Creation in Your Business?

Here are a few reasons why you should:

According to an updated report from HubSpot Research, it is estimated that in 2020

  • 85% of business use video marketing 

  • 88% of video marketers report a positive ROI

  • 99% of current video marketers said they’ll continue using video in 2020

  • 95% plan to increase or maintain their spend on video marketing

The BIGGEST take away here is: 88% of video marketers report a positive ROI (return on investment).

Who does not want a POSITIVE return on investing in their business? Let alone 88% or better.

Now, does this mean you have to spend an arm and a leg on video content creation?

No, it does not and here's why:

A lot of video content we create in our business are quick scenario situations.

  • Maybe, you want to record a simple word of the day message

  • Maybe, you just want to go LIVE in your Facebook Community

  • Maybe, you want to share a quick How to Video

In those situations, we save on our bottom line by using what we already have.

In my 5 Day Video Like a Pro, but on a Budget Though, Video Mini Course, I teach you just that, how to use what you already have. YOUR PHONE!

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What You Will Learn:

VLP Day 1.png
VLP Day 2.png
VLP Day 3.png
VLP Day 4.png
VLP Day 5.png

plus 2 BONUS VIDEOS of the Behind the Scenes of my in-home studio and set up

* plus my BONUS 10 page Look the Part ebook filled with additional tips and equipment I use to create right from my smart phone.


For a Limited Time, $27 investment you can be on your way to creating great content videos that speak to your audience and increase your bottom line. 

Are there instances where you will need a professional videographer? Of course, but 


Wanted to go LIVE, but were afraid because you were not confident in your delivery?

✅Wanted to record a YouTube video, but talked yourself out of it for fear of not knowing what to say first?

✅Been confused on what the feel of your videos should be?

Now, is your chance to take advantage of this minimal cost $27, 5 Day Video Like a Pro, but on a Budget Though, Video Mini Course, TODAY!

Videos produced Using My smart Phone

About The Creator:


As a media personality, national speaker and author, Sinita Wells is the creative behind online brands like SinitaWellsdotcom,  Look the Part, Building Brand Credibility that Shows as well as her growing media company, SWMedia 360. Through the lens of media content creation, Sinita helps courageous female entrepreneurs use their talents to navigate and find their place in the online space with her no sugar-coated coaching style and programs.

Although her fifteen minutes of fame took over twenty plus years of hard work and dedication from humble beginnings of gracing stages in elementary school plays, behind the scenes as associate producer of local television programs, former radio show producer of a #1 morning show, local news program internships, to interviewing some of the biggest names in Hollywood and living in Los Angeles, working in front of the lens booking her first national print job along side Hollywood names like Penn and Teller, Sinita earned her degree in Communications Arts Broadcasting as well as invaluable hands on knowledge and expertise.

Sinita’s Motto is Simple: 

“I Dare You to Look the Part to Show Up & Win.”

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