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Avoid Gaining Weight-5 Things You Can Do This Holiday Season

This time of year, is the biggest and best excuse to eat, eat and eat some more, but did you know that 75% of your annual weight gain happens during the holiday season?

YES, you read it right, 75%! If we want to fight the bulge we must make healthy choices and drink plenty of water.

In this video I will share with you 5 things you can do to avoid gaining weight this holiday season.

Watch the full video BELOW to Learn:

  1. The importance of healthy eating so you can eat less, but still enjoy.

  2. Why keeping up your exercise routine or starting one will help fight the bulge.

  3. The benefit of choosing a healthy meal first will allow you to eat the holiday foods you enjoy without the weight gain worry.

Happy Holidays to You and Yours.

Your Sister In Success,


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