Couples that learn together, love together. Ready to have better connection and communication with a BIG dose of laughter and fun? Grab your partner and enjoy with this fully colored couples journal. From asking deep thought provoking questions to playing a game of to tell the truth to understanding your partners love language, it's designed with lovers in mind.



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Love is forever growing and evolving. And nothings wrong with having reminders of that beautiful bond. Inside this ebook, 10 Things Couples should know are ten of those reminders. Never stop learning, loving and growing together.



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About the Creators

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Authors and Relationship Coaches Malik and Sinita have been blessed to take this love journey together not once, but twice.

Their goal is to give other couples a blueprint to building, seeing and trusting what real love looks like through the 20+ year relationship history they share.

Being married, divorced and married again to EACH OTHER, provides enough lessons that many can learn from.

Twice The Love Story platforms on social media is where they share The Good, The Bad and The Growth of Love & Relationships.

We welcome and appreciate couples for spending their time with us.


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